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An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, in accordance with its business role, holds good deal of sensitive information and will usually be the center of internal and external audit processes. WhiteOPS™ offers the industry's most holistic solution for protecting your ERP application.

ERP GRC Top Challenges Defined:

1. Segregation of Duties (SoD) – Meeting SoD requirements is not an easy task to achieve but it is top priority to minimize risks for frauds and embezzlements. It is also a top priority requirement on most regulatory standards.
2. Permission Management & Role Mining - A recent research made by Verizon and the US Secret service revealed that most security breaches occur due to privilege misuse. Still, answering who has access to what information and who isn't using his granted permissions cannot be answered by most organizations and the roles numbers are vast and constantly growing.
3. Regulatory Compliance - As required in most regulatory standards in various wordings, organizations need to achieve and prove compliance. E.g. Permissions review processes and Password Policies validation as a part of the SOX regulation.
4. Access Control - The ability to define access rules and respond to violations. E.g. alerting on association of a user to the SAP_ALL profile on SAP environments or to the SYSTEM_ADMINISTRATOR responsibility on ORACLE EBS environments.
5. Access Auditing and Forensics – Answering who is accessing what information is an impossible task for most organizations, even though it is frequently being asked during audit procedures.
6. Resources Utilization – Detecting unused resources can help save time and money (on both licenses and operational costs).

The WhiteOPS™ Solution

1. Identity and Activity Monitoring - WhiteOPS™ monitors each type of application using non-intrusive, purpose-built software. WhiteOPS™ also supply the security context by enriching each activity with its complimentary security attributes regarding the user, machine and session from the organizational security systems in real-time. 
2. Role Analytics - WhiteOPS™ enables viewing and analysis of the effective permissions, roles, their usage and unused resources for all monitored applications. Unused users and roles can be deleted to save licenses and operational costs.
3. Access Policy - WhiteOPS™ policy engine supports unified policies. Each policy rule may integrate security attributes from various security systems. Best practice policies are supplied out-of-the-box.
4. Policy Compliance – WhiteOPS™ is equipped with best of breed SoD module with highly customizable out-of-the-box SoD Policy and also supports What-If scenarios analysis. WhiteOPS™ also enables to manage a whole audit process starting from controls execution, reviews, approvals and trends and statistics analysis.


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