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Security, Networking, Storage, Visibility Control

Whitebox Security

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Whitebox Security 

Whitebox Security is an Identity Intelligence solution provider. WhiteOPS, the core solution, incorporates all the required key capabilities in this field. It addresses the following key identity intelligence questions:

Who did what?
and where did access occur?
 Who has access to what?
 Who should have access to what?
 Who reviewed and approved what?

In addition, WhiteOPS addresses the following two questions, providing an industry-first complete identity intelligence solution:

 Who / What does not
comply with policy?
Who / What
risks my business and how?

Addressing these two questions enable WhiteOPS to deliver real business values. First by enabling respond in real-time to handle violations, manage controls and exceptions. Second, by speaking "The language of the business", risks will be measured, displayed and prioritized by the business impact. ROI will be easier to be measured and presented to the senior management.

Identity & Access Intelligence
Enterprise business applications and information resources form a complicated schema of business assets. WhiteOPS™ platform enables organizations for the first time to gain true visibility along with context and control over their business assets from a single point.



An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, in accordance with its business role, holds good deal of sensitive information and will usually be the center of internal and external audit processes. WhiteOPS™ offers the industry's most holistic solution for protecting your ERP application.

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Unstructured Data Governance

Nowadays, a good deal of the organization's sensitive information can be found on unstructured data that is stored on files servers, portals and mailboxes. WhiteOPS™ offers the industry's most holistic solution for protecting your unstructured data stores.


Directory Services Governance
Nowadays, most organizations manage their network entities by using a directory service. Its responsibility for authentication and the identity's integrity makes it a top-priority service. WhiteOPS™ offers the industry's most holistic solution for protecting your directory service.

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