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Breaking free from the limitations of rotational storage, WhipTail’s flash-based storage array offers your “hot-spot” application sets incredible speed, throughput and cost savings.


Both random and sequential operations are subject to constraints presented by traditional storage solution latency. However, WhipTail’s flash-based storage array can deliver 250,000 random write IOs with sub-millisecond response times, ensuring that neither IO contention nor latency become a costly issue.


The array’s Racerunner operating system is optimized to manage all writes sequentially, generating unparalleled sequential write performance and increasing the endurance of the SSD drives populating the arrays. Enterprises utilizing our flash-based array realized tremendous productivity increases in their complement of applications that are the hardest to improve, including:


 Virtual Desktop



 Server Virtualization

 Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC)

 Code Coverage and Analysis







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