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Wallix is the global leader in priviliged User Management and have succeeded in combining the three core requirements of managing priveleged users, password management, acces control and traceability, into a single easy to deploy appliance - The Wallix AdminBastion(WAB).

Wallix AdminBastion

Wab 3.04

Because information security is now a strategic issue for organizations, legally and technically, Wallix has developed the Wallix AdminBastion (WAB). In just a few hours the WAB could be showing you who is doing what in your IT Systems, when, where and how.

The WAB controls access by internal and external IT service providers and privileged (high-risk) users. Individual work sessions can be viewed in real time or recorded for later audit.

With the WAB, you can easily manage IT team turnover and ensure critical systems are protected from the risk of access by individuals who are no longer authorised. The Wallix Admin- Bastion enables the implementation of genuine security policies, fulfils technological and legal requirements, and ensures compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

Key features 
Wallix AdminBastion

 Traceability -
The WallixAdminBastion enables the tracking of connections and actions performed by specified users. Through the WAB admin console you can monitor connections in real-time and view logs of past activities.


 Session Recording - Actions performed on target devices can be continuously recorded for subsequent viewing.


 Password Management - The WAB can be used to implement and maintain effective password policies, either for users or target devices, via automatic password change or password characteristics (e.g. length, complexity …)


 Access Control - Simple and powerful rules give you control over access to devices. Using criteria such as IP address, user name, time frames, protocols or SSH session type (X11, Shell, Remote exec, etc.).


 Single Sign On – From the WAB each user accesses authorized devices without further sign-on procedures. The passwords for these devices are stored in the WAB, thus allowing sessions to be opened automatically.


 Strong Authentication - Internal and external users can be authenticated through strong authentication methods such as, Radius, Kerberos and  X509 certificates … The WAB also allows users to be authenticated through binding to existing directory structures e.g. Active Directory and LDAP.


 Event Analysis - All SSH commands entered are analyzed in real-time. An alert can be created or the SSH connection can be terminated if a prohibited string is detected. The WAB is also able to detect information in the titles of active windows launched during an RDP session which facilitates the analysis of recorded sessions.


 Real-time Supervision - The WAB alerts you to any attempt to connect to a device identified as critical, or when a WAB sign-on fails, or when automatic logon to a target account is impossible.


 Reporting - Via the integrated reporting function, WAB administrators can view activity graphs and usage statistics (number of connections, distribution, user rankings, etc.) and automatically generate daily reports in CSV format.


 Agentless Operation - The WAB operates without any specific agents on either the administered devices or the workstations, thus facilitating rapid deployment and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.


 Reverse HTTP/HTTPS Proxy - The WAB can control and monitor access to applications, the web-based admin interfaces of devices and record the HTML pages visited.

The solutions are designed to meet the compliance and governance needs of organisations across all industry sectors. Wallix is highly innovative technology company with customers across all industry sectors.


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