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Sourcefire 3D® System provides intelligent, dynamic network security products that adapt to real-time threats and changes, enabling you to fully protect your network before, during, and after an attack. Focused on its mission to deliver intelligent security infrastructure for the most efficient and effective risk management, Sourcefire has become the world leader in real-time adaptive network security, giving organizations maximum knowledge to protect against attacks.

Sourcefire has leveraged years of experience in protecting some of the largest and most demanding network environments in the world to develop the industry’s first—and only—adaptive intrusion prevention solution, the Sourcefire 3D® System. The 3D System uniquely identifies and responds to changes in network infrastructure. With a detailed understanding of the devices, applications, and services deployed on the network, and their potential vulnerabilities, the 3D System escalates warnings of meaningful attacks, while suppressing unimportant and irrelevant events—allowing security analysts to focus their time and attention on the attacks that represent a real threat.


Sourcefire FireAMP

AMPlify Your Security™ with Advanced Malware Protection

Malware has changed dramatically since the first PC viruses appeared nearly 25 years ago. Today, malware is more sophisticated and evolving more quickly than ever before. Many customers find it impossible to keep up. Recent Sourcefire research suggests that as many as 75% of new attacks are seen on a single system.

Sourcefire FireAMP is the only solution that provides the visibility and control you need to stop threats missed by other security layers. FireAMP is an intelligent, enterprise-class advanced malware analysis and protection solution that uses big data to discover, understand and block advanced malware outbreaks, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and targeted attacks. For the first time customers can get answers to questions like:


Where did the attack start?

How did it spread?

How can the outbreak be controlled?


FireAMP uses more than 400 characteristics associated with each file for advanced malware analysis and malware protection.


The sample FireAMP Malware Heat Chart below shows the penetration of malware in an organization.


AMPlify Your Security
Visibility: See more than ever before. Identify the root cause of the threat, how it has spread, and the specific behavior of the malware.


Control: Contain outbreaks and block future attacks. FireAMP offers Outbreak Control to tag and quarantine malware and Cloud Recall™ for malware removal on affected systems without a full scan.


Enterprise-ready: Scale protection. FireAMP works with existing security layers, for example intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS), next-generation firewall (NGFW), and other anti-malware solutions, as part of a defense-in-depth strategy and delivers the performance, manageability, and scalability that organizations require.


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