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Security, Networking, Storage, Visibility Control


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Giritech is an innovative software development company with the mission to simplify IT network security by making it part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Giritech's patented technology and award winning solution, G/On, simplifies network protection by creating secure virtual access for the right users to the right applications.

Giritech G/On

is a fully integrated solution that delivers network protection and FIPS compliant 256 bit AES encrypted, virtual connectivity, two-factor, mutual authentication, identity management and application enablement and authorization. G/On's single point of management lowers the cost of protecting the network and providing users with secure access to applications, office PCs and virtual desktops. G/On is a client/server software solution that provides end-to-end security and connects users to specific applications, their office PC, virtualized desktops, Citrix servers, Terminal Server, web apps, and portals according to authentication and authorization policies.

The benefit of G/On’s fully integrated architecture is that G/On provides a Single Point of Management (SPM) of all users connecting remotely and directly to company resources. This means centralized:

 Establishment and management of authentication and authorization rules 


 Assignment and management of application access for users and user groups 


 Monitoring, logging and reporting of all access



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