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Clustrix database solutions are designed to provide the high scalability, reliability, availability, and performance that today’s Internet-scale applications require. Whereas most database systems ask you to choose between the fully relational, ACID-compliant functionality of SQL or the flexible data model and scalability of key-value store, Clustrix provides the full range of database capabilities.

Clustrix database system

With a Clustrix Clustered Database System, scaling is as easy as adding another node—allowing transactions per second to scale linearly. Each node in the cluster is delivered as a complete and easily deployed CLX 4000 Series appliance.

One of the biggest challenges for Internet applications built on a relational SQL platform is scaling performance and capacity to meet rising demands. Replication and sharding are often used to attempt to address this problem. Replication speeds performance to a point, but it only works for read-intensive applications; it does not scale workloads with high-volume write transactions. Using sharding to carve up your SQL database is complex, costly, and risky. The Clustrix solution allows you to quickly and cost-effectively achieve massive scalability and linear growth.

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